Email Marketing

Email marketing has been voted as the most important and cost effective online marketing tactic, beating search marketing, banner advertising and direct marketing.

Email marketing still produces a higher return on investment than any other form of advertising. The cost effectiveness of email marketing is second to none.

Exceed Online can help you make the most of this outstanding marketing medium using state of the art email marketing software, design templates focused on compatibility and creativity and reporting features to easily measure the effectiveness of each campaign.

Personalize the content for each recipient

Personalization can be a great way to improve the response rates for your campaigns and achieve a one-to-one relationship with each recipient. Emails can be personalized to each individual, using their profile information.

Send now or schedule for later

You can easily schedule the delivery of your campaigns, even to different time zones. Scheduled deliveries can be targeted down to 5 minute intervals, ensuring your campaign is sent at the optimal time. Once your campaign is delivered, we will send you a confirmation message.

Who’s opening your email and when?

Our simple ‘Opens Over Time’ Report shows exactly who is checking out your email, how many times they’re doing it, and when they did it. You can get an overview for the life of the campaign or drill down all the way to minute by minute detail.

What are your subscribers interested in?

The Link Activity Report makes it so easy to gauge what your subscribers are interested in. Not only can you see the total number of clicks for every link in your email, you can also find out who clicked that link, when they clicked it and how many times.

Ready to discuss your requirements?

An Exceed Online consultant will be in touch within 24 hours to learn more about your needs. If you would rather give us a call, we can be reached on 1800 110 394.